Anónimo sent: you're someone who knows how to be straight with people so i'm going to ask you this. why are so many fans of trouble maker openly hostile against nasty nasty? i would count you as one of them as well. shouldn't you be kind knowing they're all in the same boat?


Lol, ok. I’ll bite.

What irks me is their company, the media and even Melon (oh yes, I’ve seen the tweets) name-dropping Trouble Maker to promote this sub-unit like Hyuna and Hyunseung are their golden tickets to glory. When confronted with it, all their answers about being a copy were of denial, evasion or my personal favourite: “Oh, we’re older so we can be more realistic about sexiness.”

Really now.

Trouble Maker suffered to get where they are. You see the success but you don’t know the hurt and the hard work they put in to be trailblazers in the industry. You’re asking fans to feel for Nasty Nasty when Trouble Maker never got as much kindness and understanding as you see for other groups doing sexy concepts. Not even now.

In fact, I see more vitriol being handed out to TM when they make comparisons. Hyuna is inferior to Kyungri, Kevin is so much manlier than Hyunseung, etc etc etc. Should fans feel “kind” about that?

Is that selfish and petty? If you say so. You can berate us for being heartless and not playing ball. What you can’t do though is force someone to feel something you want them to feel. And that’s the real talk you wanted from me.